Fisherman’s Smock | Armor-lux


Image of Fisherman’s Smock | Armor-lux

Amor-lux’s Port Manech smock comes in a rich avio blue. The smock’s colour is like that of the deep sea, a greeny-blue that will calm you every time you put it on.

In older days the fisherman’s smock would have been made from old sail cloth. Now the material is a pure cotton drill, heavy enough to protect from the wind or sharp edges. The smock will wash and improve with age, year in, year out.

In recognition of the smock’s old history Armor-lux have kept the old details: the inside pocket (for dry tobacco) and the inside collar button (to stop it catching on loose ropes). Wear yours through the seasons.

- Avio blue
- 100% cotton
- Made in France


Image of Fisherman’s Smock | Armor-lux